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Nutrition and lifestyle workshops

Come each week to learn about a different healthy topic designed to engage you in eating and living in ways that will deliver healthy benefits! Lisa Havens, NTP will lead many of these workshops, but watch for special guest presenters too! For a list of upcoming workshops, check the front desk or click HERE

Core Class

This class is designed to teach our patients how to use their core properly. This is not a class on how to get shredded abs! This class is about the fundamentals of activating your core to stabilize your spine and prevent injury during compromising body movements.

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Diaphragmatic breathing and proper squat technique are two other fundamental principles that, when ignored, can lead to complicated conditions of pain and dysfunction. Core Class will cover these important concepts as well.

Foam Rolling Class

This class is geared toward, but not exclusive, to our more active patients. Runners, weight lifters, athletes-this class is for you!

This foam rolling class was developed by Dr. Steven Flanery as a means to increase mobility and prevent injury prior to sport or activity. General foam rolling can be painful and useless if you do not know what you are doing. That is why this class focuses on teaching the anatomy and physiology of the lower extremity so you will be able to specifically target and manage lower back pain, hip pain, leg, knee and lower leg pain. This class is taught at the expert level and requires time to achieve the full benefits of foam rolling and is considered a workout in and of itself!

Classes We Offer

Education plays a huge roll in our treatment philosophy. Stay tuned for information on up and coming classes in the future.